Admissions Policy

The Laurels School is an independent day school offering an all-round education within a Catholic framework to girls aged 11-18. The Catholic ethos influences all aspects of school life and is underpinned by the PACT Charter of Educational Principles, which emphasises the important role that parents have to play as the first educators of their children.


The aims of this policy are:
a) to ensure compliance with PACT’s charitable purpose of promoting schools and supporting families with a deep desire for their children to grow into adults of integrity, committed to living their lives by Christian principles; and

b) to identify and admit children who are most likely to benefit from the education and formation that The Laurels offers.

Admissions Criteria

Subject to availability of places, girls of a wide range of academic ability are accepted as long as they are able to take full advantage of the education offered. We are committed to equal treatment to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or social background. Although The Laurels School is imbued with a strong Catholic ethos, girls who are not Catholics are welcomed to the school and, in accordance with the PACT Charter of Educational Principles, all sincerely-held belief is respected.

Places in the school are offered on the basis of commitment, on the part of parents, to the School’s
ethos as set out in the Charter.

Admissions Procedure


A non-refundable registration fee of £100 is payable at the time of application. The closing date for applications is the last Friday in October.

Parents are asked to complete a school application form and to submit a copy of their daughter’s most recent school report. Additional references may sometimes be sought from the child’s current school.

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