The Arete Programme

The Arete Programme at The Laurels aims to help pupils achieve eudaimonia – human flourishing, through arete – happiness through excellence.

The Arete Programme overarches every aspect of school life at The Laurels. It is not just another set of lessons but rather a way of learning, studying, thinking and living. The Arete Programme at The Laurels aims at helping pupils achieve eudaimonia through arete: happiness through excellence. The Arete Programme has a personal and a civic aspect helping pupils’ personal flourishing and social relationships. The programme helps pupils bring different parts of their learning and life together to help them be the best they can be. The Arete programme is delivered both throughout school life and specifically through the following branches:

The Academic Branch: acquiring good habits of mind and the ability to think well.
The Character Education Branch: nurturing the gift of self through the study and practice of the virtues.
The Philosophy Branch: learning how to take part in philosophical enquiries and apply philosophical. thinking to all aspects of life.
The Enrichment Branch: a programme of visiting speakers, off-site visits and the opportunity to join the Duke of Edinburgh award programme.
The Service-Leadership Branch: This branch will lead you to make a contribution to the life of the school and to the community beyond by supporting charities, taking part in the running of the Class Council and House competitions.