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  2. Department for Education (DfE) Communications
  3. Additional Public Health Resources

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Parental Communications

May 5th – Deputy Head – Ethos – Spiritual Health & VE Day 

April 24th -Assistant Head – Academics parents communication study seminar

April 24th – PACT Board to parents communication

April 19th – Head communication – curriculum delivery

April 19th – Assistant Head – Academics -online learning expectations

April 3rd – Assistant Head – Academics EXAMS parents communication#3

April 1st – Deputy Head – Ethos – Helping the elderly parental communication

April 1st – Head to parents communication end of Spring term message

April 1st –  End of Spring Term – Academic reports parents communication

March 30th – Head to parents communication pre Easter break

March 24th – PACT Board to parents communication

March 23rd – Assistant Head – Academics EXAMS parents communication#2

March 23rd – Assistant Head – Academics EXAMS parents communication#1

March 20th – Deputy Head – Ethos – Pastoral care parental communication

March 19th – Head communication in transfer to virtual community

March 18th – Head to parents communication – school life

March 17th – Uplifting parents communication Fr Richard Hendrick OFM

March 12th – Head to parents communication responses to questions

March 9th – Head to parents communication daily hygiene

February 12th – Dept of Education (Dfe) Coronavirus communication

Department for Education (DfE) Communications

DfE Covid 19 – Home page for latest guidance for educational settings

DfE Covid 19 Update – Government Coronavirus action plan

DfE Covid 19 Update – Helpline

DfE Covid 19 Update – Ofqual communication

DfE Covid 19 Update – Keeping children safe online

DfE Covid 19 Update – Info to cascade to parents carers

DfE Covid 19 Update – Updated advice to all schools

DfE COVID-19 Update – Recording absences

DfE Covid 19 Update – Foreign Office travel advice

Additional Public Health Resources

Latest guidance from gov.uk

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Useful links

Health advice from the NHS

Travel advice from the Foreign Office

World Health Organization – Coronavirus