Drama at The Laurels is varied, dynamic and exciting, introducing students to the breadth of theatre. Theatre is a medium of communication not only for the sake of entertainment but also to enact ideas, social and political commentary and artistic and cultural expression.

“In everyday life, ‘if’ is a fiction, in the theatre ‘if’ is an experiment. In everyday life, ‘if’ is an evasion, in the theatre ‘if’ is the truth. When we are persuaded to believe in this truth then the theatre and life are one. This is a high aim. It sounds like hard work. To plays needs much work. But when we experience work as play, then it is not work anymore. A play is play.”   Peter Brook  The Empty Space

Students are introduced to a wide range of theatrical devices, demystifying the art form through deconstructing the decisions of the playwright, the director, and actor attempt to achieve them. They are encouraged to explore and develop their own skills as performers, supportive ensemble members and as critical appraisers of theatre.

My Learning at The Laurels

You are encouraged to foster a respect for both the subject and their fellow performers from the start. Integrity and a spirit of collaboration is paramount to the effective study and practice of the dramatic arts. You will be guided through structured projects, often in groups but also working independently or in pairs. Each project will focus on a different genre or aspect of performance you to experience new concepts and skills in depth. Lessons will equip you with the knowledge and performance skills you need to create meaningful and effective theatre of your own in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Course Content

Year 7 to 9
Drama at KS3 aims to develop sensitive, confident and imaginative performers with an appreciation of the limitless possibilities of theatre.
Each term will bring a new area of study which will involve workshops developing their skills before undertaking a project allowing them to practice, explore and consolidate all they have learned. They will have the opportunity to study diverse disciplines including Mask, Physical Theatre, Story Telling, Devising, Improvising and Theatre Criticism and analysis.
Through this, students will be introduced to the ideas of practitioners such as Laban, Stanislavski and companies Trestle and Frantic Assembly.

Years 10 and 11
GCSE Drama at The Laurels is studied through the AQA course. It is divided into three components:

“Understanding Drama” in which students must demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of theatre, study a set play and analyse and evaluate a piece of live theatre.

“Devising drama” in which students must create and perform a piece of drama from a given stimulus and analyse and evaluate their own work.

“Texts in Practice” in which students perform two extracts from a play (and existing script) which contrasts with their devised piece.

GCSE Examination Board

Drama AQA (9-1) Paper code 8261

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