Equal Opportunities

In line with the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 and the Equality Act of 2010, we do not discriminate in any way regarding entry.

Our school offers a place, subject to availability, to any child whose parents are in accord with the PACT Charter of Educational Principles and who, in the opinion of the school, can benefit from the education provided, given the educational facilities, support and financial resources available at the time.

The school makes provision for children with moderate special educational needs. Parents are invited to discuss any arrangements, including financial, that may need to be made if they wish the school to accommodate a child with more severe learning difficulties. In those cases where parents are willing to fund the extra support and possible training required, the school will take this into consideration when offering a place.

We welcome pupils with physical disabilities, provided that our site can cope with them. However, we advise parents of children with special educational needs or physical disabilities to discuss their child’s requirements with the Headmistress at interview, or before they sit the assessment, to determine whether we can make adequate provision for them. We will discuss thoroughly with parents the adjustments that can reasonably be made.

Open Events

Open Events are the best way to find out about the school. If you would like to arrange a visit please contact ADMISSIONS.