ICT & Computer Science

ICT and Computer Science taught at The Laurels helps pupils become proficient, safe and accomplished users who may wish to study computing at GCSE. 

“The original idea of the web was that it should be a collaborative space where you can communicate through sharing information.”  
Tim Berners-Lee  Inventor of the World Wide Web

The aims we have for students are:

For all pupils to become proficient and competent users of modern day computer systems in helping them meet their current learning needs across the curriculum.

For all pupils to be equipped to use the internet safely (e-Safety) and be able to undertake effective independent/self-guided research to support their class work and homework.

For all pupils to be aware of the diversity of careers and opportunities in Computing.

For those pupils who have a passion about the subject to develop this further at GCSE level creating a pathway for further education and/or career opportunities in the technology sector.

The school uses a predominately Windows environment (Apple Mac’s in the Music Department). We also use the Google classroom suite for our VLE (Virtual Learning Platform) as well as subject specific VLE’s. All subjects use additional online resources which are pre-approved by the subject teachers. Filters are applied so
age-appropriate resources approved by subject teachers are available on the school laptops.

Key Stage 3
Years 7-9 follow the new National Curriculum map for computing. In addition, all new pupils whether joining in Year 7 or mid-year for any year undertake an IT induction so they become competent and safe in using technology services across the curriculum. For order of teaching, please see KS3 subject overview section.
SOW (Scheme of Work) and Lesson Plans can also be found in this section.

Key Stage 4 / GCSE
Specification: Cambridge International IGCSE Computer Science (0984).
This is a two year course studied by pupils who choose this as a GCSE option starting in Y10. 

Extra-curricular clubs and activities
There is a weekly ICT/CS drop-in club  after school to help any pupil develop and improve their technology proficiency. This year, from Year 7, we are introducing iDEA, the Duke of York inspiring digital enterprise award. iDEA is an international programme that helps young people develop digital, enterprise and employability skills for free. Through a series of online challenges, the learner can win career-enhancing badges from Bronze to Gold.

From Year 9, we are introducing Cyber Discovery in our extra curricular ICT drop-in club.  Cyber Discovery is HM Government’s free online extracurricular programme to teach cyber security skills to UK students from age 13. As part of the UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy, the Government is working to bridge the skills gap by introducing a new generation to this exciting industry.

ICT & Computer Science Drop-in Clubs
These help pupils become conversant in utilising Microsoft Office applications, google classroom platform, touch typing and undertaking effective research. Pupils can also get extra support with their class work and/or work on their iDEA award and/or the Cyber Discovery extracurricular programme.

Computing trips include/ have included:
KS3 – A workshop on effective online research in the British Library.

KS4 –  Visit and workshops (early computers including a Turing Test) at the National Museum of Computing 

Future trips:

Joint History and Computer Science trip to Bletchley Park