Parent Portal

The Parent Portal allows you to login and make use of features available. By being able to view more information about your daughter, we hope that you will be better informed of your daughter’s life at the school and enhance communication. Currently the system will enable you to:
  1. Access to all registration information about your daughter as well as information about when they are off school due to illness, off games due to injury or illness and if they have missed lessons.
  2. Access to your daughter’s timetable and there will also be a summary of your daughter’s reports, exam timetable and exam results.
  3. Access to your daughter’s discipline record, reward & conduct records.
  4. Access to the school calendar.
  5. Access to the Parents’ Handbook.
We hope that you can find the time to login to the Parent Portal and have a look around.  The system is clear and easy to use and will allow you to be viewing the information outlined above in minutes.We take data protection and system security very seriously at The Laurels School and as such our systems use encryption and other current security measures to ensure that both your own and your daughter’s data is fully protected from security threats.
To login to the parent portal, either click on the button below with your login details or follow the steps emailed to you upon your daughter being enrolled at the school. If you experience any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.
In Gaudio Serviamus

May We Serve Joyfully