What our parents are saying about our online learning

We couldn’t ask for more, or for better. We are truly in awe of the school. Each and everyone has gone out of their way to stay in touch, make sure we are well and offered their support. And that’s beside the academic side of it, where the girls have not missed a beat. This has been a monumental task that you have made seem easy. The change from school to homeschool was practically seamless, and I can’t imagine how much work that must have involved.  

I wanted to add my voice to those that have already messaged you their support. I am sure it’s not been an easy feat, but what a job you are all doing. Years from today, when we talk about these times, our girls and we will have memories of a school that was there, even in isolation. They were not left alone with books and homework or sent an email to update them. They will remember seeing their teachers from their bedrooms, participating in class, being in close contact in the distance, they’ll remember the team spirit, the support, the warmth and the care they are feeling from each and every one of their teachers. 
Their memories of The Laurels will forever be blended with this crisis. Memories of you keeping them afloat when everything seems to be sinking. And how they were made to feel safe. And how being separated was the new normal and we all learnt a new way of living. I feel like you are a lighthouse in the storm, the constant, the reassuring routine, and I only wish I could do more, help more, contribute more. 

Thank you for this heartfelt message of inspiration and hope during these trying times.  There are no words to describe our gratitude for the selfless dedication shown by the teachers of The Laurels in continuing to inspire and educate our daughter.  The online teaching has proved to be an enormous hit in our household with our daughter’s enthusiasm rubbing off on us .
God Bless you all and thank from the bottom of our hearts for all you continue to do for our daughter.

Its all really rather wonderful, you should be rightfully proud of the community spirit you have created amongst your pupils. As a cynical middle aged man who has seen the world twice over I have to say I have never come across anything quite like it.