Like the thread that holds a pearl necklace together so Philosophy sustains thinking in all aspects of our lives.

“I like philosophy very much as I was able to share my ideas and I had to think very hard.” Year 7 pupil, The Laurels

Philosophy at The Laurels is based on the specific structure of Philosophy for Children where the teacher is a facilitator of philosophical enquiry. The facilitator engages the pupils not in discussion but in philosophical enquiry which means supporting them in their thinking, reasoning and questioning as a group. Pupils use the Socratic Method to learn the philosophical moves of posing philosophical questions, seeking justification, recognising assumptions and listening to their peers.

My Learning at The Laurels

From Year 7 you will be able to take part in philosophical enquiries – learn like you have never learned before. You will be taken on a journey that not only helps you to think well, but to think about your own thinking. You will become part of an exciting endeavour that started centuries ago and is happening now and discover ways of understanding yourself and the world around you and contribute to the philosophical conversation. You will soon be hooked on philosophy and experience a certain euphoria when the philosophical penny drops!

Course Content

Year 7 to 9
Philosophical enquiries are based on a stimulus which could be a picture, a story, a piece of music or an object. Based on the stimulus, the group poses their own philosophical question. Some of the questions raised in philosophy are:

  • What is philosophy?
  • Is it ever right to judge someone?
  • If all the clocks stopped would we still have time?
  • Is it ever right to lie?
  • What makes a good friend?
  • Why do we sometimes want revenge?
  • What is inner beauty?
  • If you judge are you giving an opinion or making an assumption?

As pupils progress through the school they will look at some of the main branches of philosophy and learn about the history of philosophy.

Year 10 to 12

Pupils at The Laurels will continue to develop their philosophical thinking skills through philosophical enquiries. They will also study questions relating to the main parts of philosophy: philosophy of nature; metaphysics; philosophy of man; philosophy of science; ethics and the history of philosophy. The philosophical studies in Years 11 and 12 will focus on the relationship between faith and reason and the mutual connections between philosophy and religion.

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