Severe Weather

We will always make every effort to remain open during periods of severe weather and we have a formal protocol in place. In the case of severe weather, parents are asked to consult our website regularly to check the status of the school.


The following alert system will be used:

RED alert – The school is closed. Parents should consult the website the following morning for an update of the situation.

AMBER alert – There is currently insufficient information about the state of the roads, the situation with public transport and the difficulties of staff getting in. Parents are asked to consult the website later for a further update. A staggered arrival and collection system will be in place. Parents should follow general safety guidelines.

GREEN alert – The school is open as usual and children should attend at the normal times.

We will always endeavour to update the website by approximately 7.00 am each morning.
However, in the case of an amber alert, a clear statement about the status of the school will be given by 8.00 am at the latest. Parents are reassured that getting to school late whilst these alerts are in place will not be a problem. If there is still an amber alert in place, arrival can be between 8.30 and 9.15 am, and collection between 3.00 and 3.45 pm (or earlier depending on the weather conditions).
Parents are asked not to phone or e-mail the school to report an absence because of a severe weather situation. Let your daughter’s Form Teacher know in writing upon her return that her absence was due to the weather. After-school activities may be cancelled, so please keep checking the website during the day for further information.

If the school is open we will do everything we can to ensure safe access to the building. However, parents are reminded to take all the necessary precautions for ensuring their children’s safe journey to school. It may not be possible to park safely in the side roads and so parents are encouraged to either use public transport or to park safely and consider walking part of the way. Please note that the school car park will not be open for drop offs.

In September, we shall ask your daughter to discuss with you alternative arrangements for getting home, should the school need to be closed early – as opposed to not opening at all. Lists of these arrangements are kept in school. Our plans assume a worst-case scenario, i.e. no telephone contact and no transport. In practise, circumstances are unlikely to be this bad and pupils are usually able to contact parents. We suggest that pupils who can walk home do so, or go to the house of a classmate/friend where they can be safe until arrangements with parents can be made. This information will be in your daughter’s planner during the first half of the autumn term. You may wish to make alternative arrangements (which assume no telephone/mobile contact or transport) but we would ask, for administrative reasons, that this be kept to a minimum.