The Telegraph’s Top Small Independent Schools in UK

The Laurels School is delighted and proud to be featured in The Telegraph’s article about the best independent schools in the UK, we are ranked as one of the best small independent schools in the country, based on our recent GCSE results.

Mrs Linda Sanders, Headmistress said, “We really delighted with this news, I would also like to mention one of our pupils who achieved an astonishing twelve 9s or A* across the board. When we consider that the majority of the other listed schools are selective, we begin to see how significant that achievement is. Without doubt, these are the fruits of the unique education The Laurels provides: parents and school working closely together with openness and transparency in a culture based on virtue ethics and Christian values where each child is striving to be the best they can be.”

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Best independent schools in 2018: Full league table for GCSE results