Character Development and Human Virtues

Our philosophy at The Laurels is founded on a Catholic vision of human beings: we are all open to improvement and by doing the right thing we become happier in our daily lives.

This is what is meant by Virtue Ethics, that by cultivating the virtues (good habits) we can become better people i.e. to become patient I need to practise patience and, with perseverence, our character will therefore improve. We also believe that this is one of the key aims of education: to enable our pupils to lead ‘the good life’.  For this reason, fostering the development of Human Virtues is pivotal at The Laurels. All other virtues flow from these four and by working with parents, The Laurels aims to empower its pupils to become competent, responsible, considerate and committed young women.

The Four Core Human Qualities

1. Justice as manifested in Personal Responsibility
Each person has certain duties to perform at home, at school and in the wider community. By adolescence, young people begin to hold their destiny and that of others in their hands. Action, or inaction, has consequences. An understanding of Justice will lead them to act rightly.

2. Good Judgement
The ability to judge what is right in each situation and following a worthy set of values.

3. Resilience
Development of personal strength which enables one to persevere in things that are worthwhile.

4. Self-Control
The ability to exercise self-discipline in a myriad of ways.

The Human Virtues and Character Development Programme

Human Virtues Lesson
The Class Teacher and pupils discuss and reflect upon the virtue under study. A range of materials and resources are used to illustrate and explore each theme.

The Termly Information Sheet
This provides practical pointers and thought provoking material for parents.

School Meetings
Opportunity is often taken to illustrate some point relating to the virtue being considered or present some inspirational material.

Tutorial Discussion
This one-to-one discussion with pupils provides another opportunity to discuss virtues on a personal level.

Parent Tutor Meetings
Material of particular relevance or interest can be exchanged. Parents have a wealth of personal experience and knowledge that can lead to new ideas and topics.