Class Parents

Class Parents seek to ensure that fellow parents experience the warmth, concern and interest that is at the heart and the spirit of the school.

Class Parents take a genuine concern and interest in each of the families in their class and endeavour to personally connect with the parents. They welcome new families to the school and help them to settle in.

They ensure that there is support for families when needed and also act as a vital communication link between the school and the parents in their class.  

In addition, Class Parents facilitate discussion groups to share ideas in parenting as well as providing opportunities for families to socialise together and support one another. 

Class Parents 2018 -19

Year 7
Igor & Dorota

Year 8
Alfredo & Maria

Year 9
Matthew & Beatriz

Year 10
Richard & Ama

Year 11
Mats & Rosa

VI Form
Giovanni & Maria