Clubs & Activities

We encourage pupils to explore the arts through aesthetic and cultural pursuits which nurture their own talents and passions and introduce them to new concepts. Pupils perform at events such as Advent Concert, Spring Musical Evening, and Summer Showcase and drama is popular with a regular Drama Club and the very popular annual School Production.

Debating Club

Debating Club provides an opportunity for pupils to improve their public speaking skills. They learn how to engage with someone on a particular issue, look and understand different viewpoints and extend their knowledge of current affairs. Pupils will be introduced to the idea of British Parliamentary Debating and work in teams to argue for and against particular motions. Pupils are entered for external competitions such as the International Competition for Young Debaters and the Oxford and Cambridge Schools’ Debating Competitions.

Annual School Production

The annual school production is an opportunity for pupils to be involved in acting and performance as well as taking part back stage providing stage management, design, lighting and sound technician roles as the Creative Team.

Journalism – BBC School Report

The Laurels School took part in the BBC School Report project and as team and worked on articles, interviews, video and audio news reports which focused on local, national and international news stories. The project with the BBC culminated in a live news day in March 2015 when Year 7 and 8 pupils broadcast their report, based on the days’ news, on the BBC website.

Speech and Drama Tuition

LAMDA Examination preparation equips pupils with communication and performance skills which can unlock imagination and creative thinking; develop communication skills; refine technical skills and artistry and promote team-work skills. LAMDA Examinations focus on the technical aspects of performing and give the opportunity to measure progress against an international standard; make contact with expert practitioner examiners outside the immediate teaching environment; build self-confidence and self-esteem; acquire skill certification for career development and also receive critical appraisal and guidance for future development.


Choir practice is held each week and preparation takes place for choral and solo pieces to be performed at events such as the Advent Concert, Spring Musical Evening and Summer Showcase. These events give pupils the opportunity to present their musical achievements throughout the year, build their performance skills and confidence on stage.

Instrumental Tuition

Peripatetic tuition is available at The Laurels School for piano, voice, flute, clarinet, violin and cello.

Maths Club

The Maths Club is a time for anyone to come for help or advice on any topic in mathematics that they would like to explore further or access support in undertanding more fully. For those who particularly enjoy maths, there is provision to extend their knowledge and skills and challenge activities such as problem solving puzzles, extention activities as well as group and individual preparation for the UK Maths Challenge Competitions.


The Music department offers the popular school inititative ‘Sing Up’ a mid-week singing practice session using vocal games and exercises that can accelerate learning, develop co-ordination and hone focus. Pupils also prepare for hymns and responses which are part of our weekly Mass.

STEM Club  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

STEM Club offers engaging and enjoyable hands-on innovation projects to develop: creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, dexterity and collaborative skills. The Laurels STEM programme is designed to meet the criteria required for the British Science Association’s CREST Awards. There are four levels of CREST Awards: Discovery, Bronze, Silver and Gold and these awards enable pupils to explore real-world STEM projects in an exciting way by designing innovative research projects in areas such as Forensic Science; Sustainable Project Design and Fashion, Nature’s Medicine Cabinet, Gastrochemistry, Space Exploration, Climate Change, Science & Sport and Robotics.