Drama Productions

The Grimm Tales by Carol Ann Duffy & Tim Supple

28 March 2019

Daisy Pulls it Off by Denise Deegan

23 March 2018

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

30 March 2017

Virtually Here by Elizabeth Williams

17 and 18 March 2016

Virtually Here is a contemporary piece of theatre written by our Drama teacher Mrs Elizabeth Williams. Episodic in structure, minimalist in set and props and uses projections. It lends itself to ensemble work and physical theatre. While there are some main roles and naturalistic dialogue – the girls predominantly worked and devised the play as a chorus. The play focused on a teenager simply called GIRL. GIRL’s grandmother, GRANDMA is bedridden and every night, GIRL comes to sit on her bed to talk to her. It bothers GRANDMA that GIRL never has anything to tell her about her day. GIRL is also becoming worried when she starts to find herself becoming increasingly invisible in her daily life. This manifests itself in a series of dreams. She finds, very strangely, that 3 characters make their way in to her life; Faye, Hope and Charlie. Each helps her to reconnect to her values and regain a sense of who she is – she had lost herself amidst a world of superficiality and triviality.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

30 March 2015

The first Laurels School production was Little Women in March 2015, and it was a huge success. The theatrical adaptation of Little Women not only tells the classic tale of the young March sisters grappling with trials and tribulations of adolescence in Civil War New England, but also incorporates Alcott’s sequel, Good Wives, following the girls as they make their way in the world. The cast of young performers had the challenge of maturing in their roles, something which they handled with both tenacity and integrity. They embraced every scene with energy and focus, drawing the packed audiences in to the world of the play.

The whole cast and crew demonstrated the importance of working together and it was this spirit of collaboration which was at the very heart of Little Women’s success. Thanks goes to all of the cast and Miss Williams for a wonderful production.

“An excellent ensemble production where The March family’s journey through adolescence to adulthood was portrayed with great warmth, spontaneity and humour by the talented cast.” Gabrielle Lloyd, Actress.