At the Laurels the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages aims to help students to be more open minded and foster interests in other cultures.

“Science sans conscience n’est que ruine de l’âme.”  Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul.  Francois Rabelais

My Learning at The Laurels

You will learn actively through a combination of listening, reading, speaking and writing activities, The individual and group work you will do in class will be interactive and practical. 
Throughout the academic year you will have the opportunity to practice your French thanks to our co-curricular, activities, pen pal letters, trip to Normandy and French club.

Course Content

Years 7 and 8
The student will learn about the basics of French such as greetings, conversational topics such as holidays, describing clothing and their home. At the same time, students will learn about present and past tenses and will be able to narrate a past event, they will also study grammar, for example, how to make a question or how to make a sentence negative.

Year 9 to 11
The students who chose French for GCSE will go deeper into each of the 12 topics of the GSCE curriculum. At this stage, the students will learn about further grammar such as conditional and subjunctive moods, and how to use connectives words in order to improve articulacy and fluency. The student will be offered an exchange in a French family selected by our sister school in Paris.

GCSE Examination Board

French AQA (9-1) 

Related Activities

Pen pals’ letters with our sister school in Paris: Les Vignes
Club (Year 7 to 9)
Trip to Normandy
Conversation Club (Year 11)
One week exchange with Le Vignes
Work experience as an English Assistant in Les Vignes