Religious Education

The human person’s ability to know and to love manifests our singularity. The Religious Education Department at The Laurels School holds that an academic presentation of the teaching of the Catholic Church is a valuable tool for pupils of all faith backgrounds to better understand the intellectual moral and spiritual foundations of the classical Western civilization.

“May you seek Christ, may you find Christ, may you love Christ.”   St Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer

The RE curriculum seeks to help pupils learn what God has revealed of Himself, to know this revelation both through the use of their natural reason and through faith, and thereby to understand that faith and reason complement rather than contradict each other. The RE curriculum also fosters an appreciation of other faiths. Lessons in the RE department seek to foster a personal relationship in our pupils with Jesus Christ, and are supported by chaplaincy time and by participation in liturgical events in the school.

My Learning at The Laurels

Lessons in Religious Education will help you to explore some of the themes most important to each of us, and to develop a personal relationship with God and a consequent commitment to love and serve one’s neighbour in practical ways. You will learn about Christianity and other faiths and will be encouraged to respond personally to the themes presented.

Course Content

Years 7 to 9 
At The Laurels we use the series The Way, The Truth, and The Life published by the Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education endorsed by Bishop Vincent Nicolls. The structure of Key Stage Three takes the form of a spiral entrance and deepening in the subject. This means that through the course of Years 7 to 9 the same topics are studied but in greater depth up the Key Stage. New material is introduced as the pupils progress from Year 7 to 9. 

Year 7
* God’s Promises Fulfilled
* The Saviour
* The Church
* The Sacraments
* Christianity & Other Faiths

Year 8
* Covenant
* Mystery of the Eucharist
* Paschal Mystery
* Prophetic Role of the Church
* The Church in Britain

Year 9
* The Gospels
* Life in the Spirit
* Faith & Culture
* Conscience & Morality
* Dialogue with Other Faiths- Judaism

Years 10 and 11
At KS4 RE can be studied as an option GCSE or as a Core subject. The GCSE option group studies the full AQA specification Religious Studies B (8063). This has been chosen for its comprehensive exposition of the Catholic Faith. Within this specification Judaism is studied and two Theme Components: Religion, relationships and families, and Religion, human rights and social justice. RE Core follows a reduced curriculum from the AQA specification.

Examination Board

AQA GCSE Religious Studies B (8063).

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