Dress Code for Sixth Form

Dress Code for Sixth Form

We expect that all Sixth Form students will respect the intention behind our Dress Code and that students show respect for the atmosphere in which they learn. We feel this is promoted by pride in their appearance and certainly it helps students to acknowledge the distinction between life at home and at school.

All Sixth Form students are expected to be smart and dress in a manner that reflects the fact that the School is a formal learning environment. You should be a credit to yourself and to the School throughout the day and during all journeys to and from School. It is an important part of Sixth Form life that you act as positive role models to the younger pupils and dressing in a professional manner is one of the ways in which we expect you to set an example. Within the following guidelines you have the opportunity to exercise some choice and judgement in your manner of dress.

Pupils shall dress in smart, professional clothes, which are not ostentatious in style, pattern or colour, and that would be considered suitable for a formal job interview.

They shall comprise:

  • A formal navy blue suit – matching jacket with formally-cut trousers or with a skirt.
  • Jackets are to be worn at all times unless permission is given to remove them.
  • A blouse that is collared and appropriately cut or a fitted top in any colour. They will also need a plain white blouse for formal school occasions.
  • A lightweight jumper or cardigan can be worn under the jacket, but not as an alternative to a jacket.
  • Clothing must be appropriate and not revealing or transparent. There must be no bare shoulders, bare midriffs or plunging necklines. Skirts/trousers must not be skin tight and skirts must cover at least 80% of the thighs.
  • Smart, plain, substantial leather shoes in a conventional style with a flat or low heel less than 2 inches (‘Ugg’ boots, trainers or stilettos are not acceptable).
  • Coats should be navy blue or black.
  • If worn, tights/socks should be plain coloured.

If in any doubt about the suitability of any items of clothing please consult with the Deputy Head, Ethos before making a purchase. Parents will be contacted if we have any concerns about the standard of dress displayed by a particular student.