The Academics - Learning Branch

At The Laurels School, pupils take intellectual risks both within and outside the classroom. They develop a confident voice. Why? Because Laurels teachers are passionate about their subjects. As a result, our girls develop the intellectual virtues and character virtues they need to be lifelong, reflective and innovative thinkers.

An essential pillar of academic life at The Laurels School is the belief that authentic education involves a forming of the mind and a strong part of the school culture is a recognition that serious study is an important part of a pupil’s life project. Indeed, the sense of schoolwork as the beginning of one’s professional life, and thus an important means of serving others, informs the way study is viewed in The Laurels School community. Furthermore, the relationship between The Laurels School and the teachings of St JosemarÍa Escrivá on study and work helps to foster the sense that doing even the most ordinary things, like studying, extraordinarily well for a noble motive enables us to offer our best to God and so draw close to Him.