The Service - Leadership Branch

This branch will lead you to make a contribution to the life of the school and to the community beyond.

You will be able develop your leadership skills and show service to others in representing your class through the class council, making suggestions of how to improve the educational experience of your peers.

Following in the footsteps of your house patron – Mary Seacole, Josephine Bakhita or Elizabeth Gaskell – you will form a valuable part of your house team. This will include activities in academics, sport and performing arts.

You will be able to grow in civic excellence by supporting charities through events and business ventures. You will be running projects in the wider community and have the opportunity to make practical links with international charities.

You will be encouraged to perform individual acts of service which spring from generosity of spirit, kindness and thoughtfulness. Helping others should become second nature to you and the hallmark of living moral virtue as well as you can.