Key parental events

These events are a major feature at The Laurels and provide a programme to assist parents in the education of their children and in the dynamics of parenting.

Key Parental Events take place each term and attendance is vital for parents enrolling their children at The Laurels. Through the school years a sequence of topics are presented, covering important issues and milestones in the development of children.

General Structure

Autumn Term
The focus is on Academic issues.The Information Evening is the main event and parents are required to attend a full-school meeting with the Headmistress before splitting up into class groups for more age-related issues.

Spring Term
The focus is on a virtue, relating it to the age of the children so parents are grouped according to class.

Summer Term
The topics covered in Trinity Term are cyclic and of a parenting nature, and bring parents of similar aged-children together.

Topics Include:

Adolescent Health Matters: Exercise, Nutrition and Eating Disorders
Alcohol: The Magic Elixir
Education in Human Love: A Parental Responsibility
Fathers and Daughters: The Hallmarks of Highly Effective Fathers
Humour and Relationships with Teens
Managing Anger
Motivation in the Middle School
Parent-Daughter Communication
Preparation for GCSE/A level: Options, Choices, Decisions
Staying a Step Ahead: An Essential Evaluation of the Media, The Internet, Mobiles etc
The Post-School Years: Balancing Parental Guidance and Personal Autonomy
The Value of Waiting: Helping Teens with a Fever to Live Fast
Understanding Girls: Challenge and Change